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Marti Giese, MA, MDiv
Non-Duality It's Not What You Think
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Non-Duality It's Not What You Think

Understanding non-duality can help to bring peace and richness to our journey through life.

What Does “Non-Duality” Mean?

We humans live in a world of polarity good/bad; like/dislike; beautiful/ugly. Everywhere we are greeted by pairs of opposites and the scale between them. We dissect our life experiences and measure them on these scales. Our language describes fine nuances on these scales. Duality has its place, but it is not all there is.

Non-duality literally means “not-two-ness”. It reveals the experience of life without dissection, without measurement, without judgment. It uncovers the fundamental unity of life without the imaginary divergence of duality.

Is Non-Duality a Thought System?

No, you cannot study non-duality like a philosophy. In fact, there is nothing to learn, nothing to debate, nothing to know about non-duality. There is no subject/object with non-duality. Consider the fragrance of a flower or the taste of honey.

You can read about them and even become an expert in their use but you can only become truly aware of them as you merge into the experience of them. There is no need for measurement or comparison; you simply accept your experience.

Non-duality is difficult to study or describe in words because words tend to dissect its fullness. Language can only approximate the experience of a raging storm or the magnificence of a breathtaking sunset.

You must let go of discrete concepts to embrace the full power of the present moment without dissecting it into imaginary parts or judging it by extraneous measures. In fact, you must not separate yourself from the moment. Your experience is not happening to you you are contributing to the total experience.

The Good News
It's In Your Presence Right Now.

It takes no time to learn non-duality. There is nothing to remember or research. It is available to you right now. You access it through the portal of the present moment.

By accepting the richness of all that is in your field of experience in this moment you find the wholeness, the unity to which non-duality refers. That unity expresses as sights, sounds, and smells; as sensations, feelings and thoughts. We experience these with acceptance en mass, without dissection, measurement, and judgment.

It is in the acceptance of the totality of each moment that one can find peace and the fullness of life. This is the only permanent peace one can find. This is the richness that non-duality offers.

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