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Ready To Step Away From The Over-Stimulated World?
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Ready To Step Away From The Over-Stimulated World?

Have you ever just felt like it is so hard to get out of bed to start the day? You lack energy to do daily things? When you think of it, caffeine has helped some but not enough?

There are lots of reasons for feeling like this but some of that could be you are not sleeping well at night and your body has not had enough time to repair itself before the start of the day. The stimulation from the multiple sources and volume of information etc. we are exposed to on a daily basis, amps us up making it hard to calm down to get a good night’s rest.

The fast-paced world we live in upsets/stresses our bodies’ normal schedule until it says enough! When our bodies say “enough” we might see signs of aging or maybe even worse, the onset of disease.

The Blu Room is the latest in wellness technology and offers a place to take a focused time out to rejuvenate your self and focus on what is important to you. The 20-minute session is designed to insulate you from the outside world to relax the mind and allow a mental reset. The eight-sided enclosure with its mirrored stainless-steel walls and soft blue lighting is immediately calming when you enter.

The Blu Room has a unique atmosphere using sound and light to experience the deep relaxation. A calm mind signals the body and allows it to use its own innate ability to restore itself. The Blu Room does not treat a physical condition. It gives you a place to rejuvenate your mind. Any improvements in physical health are a side effect of the mind getting well. A healthy mind brings about a healthy body.

There are Blu Rooms in over 14 countries including the United States.

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