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Marti Giese, MA, MDiv
Reduce Stress and Pain With Meditation
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Reduce Stress and Pain With Meditation

Countless studies have shown that meditation reduces stress and diminishes physical pain. What keeps us from this safe, free, and direct relief?

Our usual state of mind

For most of us, attention is completely absorbed by the brain’s activity. It is here in the lower mind that we are absorbed by personal perceptions of daily life. We are consumed by schedules, responsibilities, and the tension that accompanies living in a metropolitan area fraught with social and political expectations. We identify so much with our day-to-day life that we don’t know there is any other dimension to us.

Undoubtedly we need our brain activity. It is what we use for jobs, community work, church activities, and raising families. But most of us tend to get stuck in this lower mind activity. Through meditation we can unlock the door to another dimension where different brain waves bring soothing relief.

How does this happen?

Resonance is the answer. Numerous studies have shown that meditation changes our brain waves dramatically. Measuring brain-wave patterns with EEG’s reveals that meditation increases our alpha waves, which are characteristic of a more relaxed state of mind. These waves begin at the back of the brain and move forward. After a few minutes of meditation the alpha waves increase in amplitude. Eventually brain wave activity throughout the brain becomes synchronized. This more peaceful state relaxes our body and reduces stress.

What are the benefits?

With regular practice we gain the ability to enter into this more relaxed state quicker and for longer periods of time. Meditation continues to benefit us even after the meditation session is over. Studies show additional benefits as well, such as improved academic performance, increased job satisfaction an efficiency, and a decrease in drug use, both prescription and recreational.

There are many forms of meditation but they all have a couple things in common relaxing the body and soothing the mind. All of them reduce stress, diminish pain, and bring a sense of inner peace.

Getting started

Three preparatory steps will help you set up a meditation practice at home.

  1. Learn about meditation myths that have kept you from discovering inner peace.
  2. Learn what to consider before starting a meditation practice in your home.
  3. Opt for a few individualized instructions before joining a meditation group.

Look for meditation training and groups near you to help you get started, today.

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