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Marti Giese, MA, MDiv
Shamanic Rituals and the Nine Great Initiations Of Munay-ki
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Shamanic Rituals and the Nine Great Initiations Of Munay-ki

Shamanismis an ancient form of healing. One universal feature of the many different shamanic practices is journeying to the world of spirit and helping us experience the energies of our natural spiritual birthright. It is here that we may experience more acutely our personal wisdom and access the power to heal ourselves and the world.

Shamans, practitioners of the sacred rituals, help bridge the seen and unseen worlds through which we may experience self-healing on a number of levels. A major obstacle to self-healing is fear and guilt. When we are gripped by fear we are unable to see clearly so that we may make sound decisions. Shamanism can help us let go of fear and guilt through ritual initiations. The initiations help raise our vibration rate and clear our luminous energy field allowing our chakras to glow with their original radiance.

One such shamanic ritual is called the Munay-ki Rites. The word munay means love, and ki means power. These rites open gates and deliver codes in the form of energetic transmissions that once assimilated may later be shared with others. The rituals may include music and drumming, dancing and chanting, ritual fires, and collecting objects from Mother Nature's sacred bounty.

Besides self-healing, shamanic rituals bring us into harmony with nature. Often we read about or speak about living in harmony with Mother Nature, yet just as often these concepts remain words, frozen in idealism or confined to a simple practice like recycling.

The Nine Great Initiations of Munay-ki, however, draw us into intimate relationship with Mother Nature. Through the ritual activities we feel Her heart beat and experience our living connection with Her. We can feel Her power and fortify our self-confidence through our connection with Her.

The Nine Initiations of Munay-ki are meant for those with a pure heart and sincere intent. They are especially important for those who may be at a point of personal transition. The initiations are equally important for those who feel called to make a difference in the world, bringing peace and harmony to their communities and to Mother Nature. The initiations bring us into our next level of personal wisdom, insight and power, allowing us to heal ourselves and the world around us.

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