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Marti Giese, MA, MDiv
Soul Writing
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Soul Writing

The Secret.

In her article entitled Soul Writing Tool of Transformation author, Joanne DiMaggio tells us of the astonishing benefits of a little known skill called soul writing. English author Rudyard Kipling who received the Nobel Prize in Literature, American research psychologist Dr. Helen Schucman (A Course on Miracles), Russian occultist Helena Blavatsky (The Secret Doctrine) and many great writers through the centuries have acknowledged accessing an inner source of information in their great works.

What Is Soul Writing?

Soul writing is a way of channeling information from a higher consciousness and, like meditation, has broad applicability to life. Beyond yielding inspirational writing, soul writing can be used to gather information about the deeper questions of life, to learn about esoteric philosophies, and to heal one's self and others.

Occasionally soul writing is used in psychoanalysis as a way of getting to the root of issues when talk therapies fall short. Above all it is a transformational tool that initiates and supports soul development and quickens one's journey on the spiritual path.

How Is It Done?

DiMaggio tells us there are a number of things you can do to cultivate your soul-writing skill. First and foremost, be committed to practicing daily. Begin simply with a journal and a quiet place where you feel both comfortable and private. A laptop will do as well if that is more comfortable for you.

You might find that soft music, candle light, or gentle aromas enhance your comfort as well as provide a screen from the outer world. Then close your eyes and recite a prayer of protection that asks to magnify the presence of constructive influences. You can prepare to write by having paper and pencil (or your laptop) comfortably at hand.

Getting started is usually the most difficult part so be patient; eventually the yield will be well worth the effort. Getting out of your own way is essential. Record the thoughts as they come to you. Do not edit, diminish, or judge messages you download. When you have finished for the day set aside your writing until the next day. Reading your recordings with a fresh mind often gives even more insights.


Soul writing yields instant support, understanding, and inspiration. It is a direct inner channel to the higher source of guidance within.

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