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Marti Giese, MA, MDiv
The Trager Approach
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The Trager Approach

What is it?

The Trager Approach is a gentle, hands-on approach to wellness, which was created and developed by Milton Trager, M.D. The practitioner uses wave-like movements and rocking to enhance the client's comfortable range of movement, lulling the body/mind into deep relaxation.

This state of relaxation invites the body/mind to recall its former freedom, flexibility and health, enabling the body/mind to re-pattern, thereby finding its way back to being

whole again.

Tragerincludes self-care movements that empower clients to recall the feeling sensations and ease of movement experienced while receiving aTragersession. Tragercan help heal and prevent injuries, reduce stress, unwind chronic muscle tension, andincrease body awareness. And it has also been described as


What is a session like?

A session lasts from one to one and one-half hours. No oils or lotions are used so there is no worry about skin irritation or allergies.

During a Trager session, gentle rocking and stretching movements lull your body and mind into a profound state of relaxation. Chronically tight muscles are trained to relax.

Clients are taught specific self-care movements to keep their muscles in a more relaxed state during everyday activities.

Pain and stress cause muscles to contract, and can cause chronic pain. When pain or stress persists, your unconscious mind puts these muscle contractions on “automatic pilot.” For example, if you break an arm, you quickly learn how to hold your arm immobile to prevent further pain. When the injured area recovers, the mind must re-learn that it is safe to let go or restrictions in movement may persist.

These unconscious holding patterns are aimed to be changed during a Trager session. As the muscles relax, the body moves more freely. The goal is for the unconscious mind to learn to let go of previous holding patterns.

Move beyond pain, disease, and injury towards ease, comfort, and a feeling of free, effortless movement.

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