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Jennifer McEwan, PhD
Relieve Stress and Feel Centered 3 Effective Grounding Techniques
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Relieve Stress and Feel Centered 3 Effective Grounding Techniques

Being grounded helps you stay in the present moment. When you’re grounded, you can find peace and relaxation in your life as it is today.  You will be able to be there for your loved ones and comfort yourself even when life is stressful.
Take a few moments daily to practice these three grounding techniques.

Trace Your Breathing

Close your eyes and notice the sensations of breathing. Inhale and notice what the air feels like moving through your nose or mouth.

Exhale and feel the new sensations. Notice the air move from your chest through your throat, nose and mouth.

Let your body relax. Breathe in and out naturally for up to 10 minutes.

Grounding Exercise in a Chair

Sit comfortably in a chair while resting your back. Place both feet on the floor.

Notice the feeling in your back and your legs where they contact the chair.

Cross your arms and place a hand on each shoulder. Alternate tapping each shoulder gently for a few minutes.

To be less obvious, rest your hands in your lap and tap each leg alternating between each leg. (adopted from Dr. Stephanie Cordes, ND)

Grounded Walking Meditation

Contact with the earth naturally helps people feel good.

For this grounding technique:

• Find a natural environment, like a nature trail, a beach or a grassy area

• Remove your shoes and socks and find a comfortable place to stand.

• Sense the texture of the earth against your feet. Feel the contact with your heels, arches, toes, and spaces in between.

• Relax and let your breath become slow and regular.

• When you are ready, step forward with one foot and slowly move your weight onto it.

• Walk slowly, breathing in with each step, noticing the sensations in your feet. This is about calming your body, not exercise. (Adopted from How to Practice Earthing with Walking Meditation from the Chopra Center)

When you calm yourself with grounding techniques you can be more emotionally present in your relationships. However, they are not a replacement for therapy. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, depressed or anxious even if you try to relax, professional help from a qualified therapist is an important step to taking good care of yourself.

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