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Sivakumar Sreenivasan, DMD, MDS
Advances In Implant Dentistry
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Advances In Implant Dentistry

The root form implants that have become very popular today were approved for use in the U.S. in the mid 80's. These implants are made with titanium, which is biocompatible with our body. They have stood the test of time over the years in joint replacements. The difference between a wood screw and that of an implant is that the body readily grows bone into the grooves and porous surface of the implants and bonds to it within a short period of a few months leaving a very strong foundation that does not decay. It is over this solid foundation that the supra structure (crown) is constructed.

We have made rapid progress in this field of dentistry. At the very beginning, it was recommended to wait for a 4-6 month period, prior to loading the implant (placing a crown).

Due to the extensive research, the surface of the implant has been modified to mimic the natural bone morphology thereby enabling new bone to adhere to the implant. Due to aggressive thread design and tapered configuration of the implant, high torque values are obtained at placement enabling in many instances the placement of temporary tooth/teeth within 24 hours over the implants with predictable success.

Another advance in implant dentistry is the use of technology to enable implant placement at the right angle and depth to avoid the sinus or strike the nerve that provides sensation to the lip and chin.

Today we have two options, one is to use a CAD-CAM (Computer aided design and computer aided manufacture) surgical guide to enable accurate placement and another is to perform “Live Navigation” at time of surgery. With the above two, it makes implant placement less painful, more accurate and significantly reducing complications.

Extraction of teeth in the esthetic zone (smile area) in the past always meant getting a bridge or a removable partial denture. Most patients now are educated and do not want good teeth on either side to be sacrificed to enable a bridge placement.

An implant becomes an ideal choice as it is permanent and in most instances can be placed at the same time of the tooth extraction. Studies have shown that this is as successful as placing an implant in a healed extraction socket. Due to innovations in implant design, it has become possible to now place implants into molar sockets at the same time of extraction. This is preferred by most patients as this avoids a second surgery and also eliminates the 4-6 months waiting period for the socket to heal.

There are very few contraindications to receive an implant; age is not one of them. The implants provide a very firm foundation to build on and are the only way to preserve the surrounding bone and maintain facial form. Implants have become the mainstay for replacement of missing teeth and for teeth deemed unrestorable by conventional means like root canals. In the long run, implants cost less than conventional bridges as they typically last longer.

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