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Tontra Lowe, DDS
An Ounce Of Prevention
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An Ounce Of Prevention

An Ounce Of Prevention

Do you remember your grandmother saying to someone An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure? Ever wondered what in the world she was talking about?

As you may have already figured out, your grandmother was a pretty smart cookie. All of the stories she used to tell about how they did things when she was a little girl seemed so far-fetched. That is, until you became a mother, or a wife, or a sibling and realized some things just don’t change. Taking care of your teeth is one such example.

Preventative dental care is any treatment rendered to help reduce the likelihood of developing major issues with your oral health. Regular cleanings, x-rays, periodic exams, fluoride treatments at the dental office, and even tooth whitening are all tools to help keep your pearly whites clean and healthy. When you don’t regularly take your car to have the oil changed, what happens? Do the repairs to the engine cost more than the $42 oil change? Absolutely! Do you wish you had paid attention to the “check engine” light on the dash? Absolutely!

Tons of research has proven that seeing a dentist at least twice per year can substantially reduce the need for more invasive dental treatment that takes longer and costs more. A small cavity is so much easier to repair than a larger one; however, most people have no clue that they have a rotten spot on their tooth because it doesn’t hurt. Remember, pain is only one symptom that something may be wrong. In-office fluoride treatments, prescription tooth-paste, and reducing staining by bleaching the teeth can prevent cavities, tooth sensitivity, and make your smile brighter.

Granny and your dentist know that preventing something is better than trying to cure something. When you see her or your dental professional next, just ask for an ounce and not the pound. She will be tickled pink and so will your dentist.

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