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How Teeth Affect Facial Aesthetics
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How Teeth Affect Facial Aesthetics

How Teeth Affect Facial Aesthetics

Are you disappointed by the stranger you see every time you look in the mirror? Have you been trying to disguise your weak chin by holding your lower jaw in a more forward position? Do you force your jaw forward and pull on your neck, trying to smooth that drooping neckline into a more pleasing position? Who would have thought that the development of your teeth and jaw would influence your facial features to such an extent? Most people think of how white or straight their teeth can be when they seek help from a dentist. However, there are specially trained dentists who deal with jaw issues and structural misalignments that may be plaguing you.

Perhaps your lower jaw is not only back too far, or recessed, but also over-closed shortening the distance between your nose and your chin. Your teeth and bony structures are scaffolding that support your facial tissues. When the scaffold is collapsed, or non-supportive, it is reflected in a sagging face and neck.

When the upper and lower arch of the mouth are too narrow or V-shaped, the lip posture suffers, the lips narrow and the teeth become crooked and protrude much like a beaver. This also can cause sagging of the face, jowls and neck.

Because of advanced training, a neuromuscular dentist can evaluate the entire facial and oral structural support and make non-surgical corrections that bring the alignment of the teeth, jaws and face into a more natural and beautiful position. For some patients, these misalignments often cause headaches, jaw and neck pain or cause teeth to shorten and gums to recede.

Misalignment of the facial structures can also cause health problems such as snoring or other breathing disorders that could rob you of possibly 20 or more years of your life.

Many patients who have been told they need jaw surgery have found this a wonderful non-surgical alternative to a more beautiful and healthy you. True beauty is certainly more than skin deep. Don’t mask the problems; get to the root of them. Find a dentist who is trained to seek out and correct the underlying dental problems that can change your facial aesthetics forever.

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