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Karl A. Smith, DDS, MS
Periodontists and Your Overall Wellness
Karl A. Smith, DDS, LLC
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Periodontists and Your Overall Wellness

With increased awareness about health and wellness, and today's headlines filled with news about how to take better care of yourself, we are striving to live healthier lives. To live a healthy lifestyle means making choices for your physical, emotional and overall well-being. By continuing to focus on making positive decisions about your health, you can achieve overall wellness. The health of your mouth is an important piece to this overall wellness puzzle. Everyone needs a healthy mouth to have a healthy body, and a healthy mouth leads to a beautiful smile, which increases confidence and self-esteem.

What are the characteristics of a happy, healthy, attractive smile? While not every person is born with a perfect smile, qualities such as straightness, cleanliness or whiteness of teeth may come to mind. Periodontal health and bone health should also be a primary goal.

Periodontists specialize in treating the gums, but they are also able to perform a variety of procedures to improve both the health and the beauty of their patients' smiles. These procedures include professional cleanings, subtle changes, major repairs, and a variety of surgical and nonsurgical procedures to treat the gums and keep them healthy! Periodontal health keeps your teeth looking their best.

Professional Cleaning

A professional dental cleaning at least twice a year is an important step to obtaining a healthy smile. Daily brushing and flossing will keep dental calculus to a minimum, but a professional cleaning will remove calculus in places your toothbrush and floss have missed. Periodontal treatment may require a few more cleanings per year to keep your teeth strong.

A prophylaxis, also known as a “prophy” or professional dental cleaning, reinforces the at-home oral health regimen. It is designed to preserve health, prevent the spread of disease and give the dentist an opportunity to locate other areas in the mouth that may need attention.

Snap-on-Teeth For an Affordable, Beautiful Smile

If your teeth are healthy, but you are still not happy with your smile, there are cost-effective options available to help you look your best. One such option are new snap on teeth (also called the Snap On Smile), which are an exciting new dental device that gives you a picture perfect smile at a fraction of the cost of veneers. The teeth simply snap onto your own teeth, instantly giving you a beautiful smile. They are just as easy to remove. They can even be molded into the smile of a famous celebrity, such as Julia Roberts, Tom Cruise, Denzel Washington or Halle Berry. Perfect for special occasions, such as weddings or interviews, snap on teeth can also be a way to “test drive” a new smile before committing to more expensive and permanent cosmetic dental procedures.

Snap on teeth give you the appearance of a perfect smile at a fraction of the cost of veneers and without altering your natural teeth. The teeth fit right up to your gum line, and hide imperfections including broken or chipped teeth, missing teeth, discolored caps or veneers, gaps and misaligned teeth. The process is painless, making it ideal for the fearful dental patient.

Obtaining a healthy, happy smile can be as easy as a visit to a periodontist. A referral from your family dentist is not necessary but your periodontist will work closely with them to reach your smile goals. Schedule your appointment today.

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