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Richard A. Miller, DDS
Tongue Rejuvenation Permanently Cures Chronic Bad Breath
National Breath Center®
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Tongue Rejuvenation Permanently Cures Chronic Bad Breath

Tongue Rejuvenation Permanently Cures Chronic Bad Breath

The tongue contains the single largest area that accumulates bacteria in the mouth and it does so day in and day out. The coating on the tongue is like a living organism, called a biofilm, with its own food supply and a sheltered living area. It is made up of millions of layers of bacteria, food, dead skin cells, dead blood cells and other items that the bacteria use for their food supply.

The result of these bacteria digesting their “foods” is the production of their waste products – gasses that we call the odors of bad breath. The three most abundant bad breath gasses are H2S or hydrogen sulfide, the smell of rotten eggs; CH3SH or methyl mercaptan, the smell of feces (yes, it is possible that someone’s breath can smell like poop); and (CH3)2S, dimethyl sulfide, the smell of raw cabbage or gasoline. Together, these odors make up the majority of bad breath and are what we smell when we are near someone with bad breath.

In addition, the coating also consists of microscopic food debris, containing undigested proteins from the food we eat and the mucous in our throats and sinus passages, which are easily digested by the bacteria leaving behind the odors of bad breath. The debris also contains dead skin cells from the insides of our mouths that are sloughed off like the skin of our bodies as well as dead blood cells from gums that bleed microscopically. These then become an excellent source of protein for the bacteria. In fact, the thicker the coating, or biofilm, the more odorous and destructive it is.

Because a biofilm is interwoven among the anatomy of the tongue and among the taste buds, of which we have approximately 9,000 on our tongues, Tongue Rejuvenation® is the only technique that can remove it. Once removed, the tongue is restored to its natural balance and is no longer a factor in halitosis. And what’s more, anyone can maintain this balance with just a few minutes a day.

So why don’t mouthwash, gums, mints, or tongue cleaners work? Here’s why. Biofilms actually attach to the surfaces of the tongue and can only be removed by mechanical means. Many dentists prescribe a tongue cleaner or scraper to remove this biofilm, however, due to the thickness of this coating, a tongue scraper or tongue cleaner can only remove the top layers of coating. Tongue Rejuvenation is a painless technique that removes the coating down to the base of the tongue. Tongue Rejuvenation can only be performed with Biofilm Removal Instruments, invented and patented at the National Breath Center. Over the past 30 years, this technique has been 100% successful in eliminating chronic and severe halitosis. So, if you are embarrassed by your breath Tongue Rejuvenation can eliminate your problem, guaranteed.

Once the bacteria and debris are gone from the tongue, the bacterial production of sulfur compounds recedes resulting in the elimination of the production of sulfur compounds and the other noxious odors of bad breath.

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