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What Is With This Bad Breath?
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What Is With This Bad Breath?

For those of you who have felt the embarrassment of halitosis (bad breath), you know that it is something that can alter the way you speak, affect your self-confidence and even affect your relationships. Many parents are shocked to learn their child has bad breath; however children have the same bacteria and a similar diet to most adults. While every individual is different, there are several major causes of halitosis that affect most people. Gums and mints may temporally mask the issue, however if these underlying conditions still remain, your breath will soon return to its original state.

Improve Oral Hygiene

If you stick out your tongue and look in the mirror, you may find a whitish film that contains plaque and bacteria that is stuck in the grooves of your tongue. Scraping your tongue with a professional tongue scraper twice a day can drastically decrease the levels of these odor-causing bacteria. Food stuck in between your teeth can remain throughout the day and rot overnight if not flossed out. Make sure to brush at least twice a day for two minutes and floss at night. An oral rinse may also help decrease the bacterial load in your mouth.

Watch What You Eat

Foods, such as onions and garlic, can also contribute to bad breath. Even after brushing these foods get into your digestive track and can release odors all over your body. A natural remedy is integrating parsley into meals. Prolonged periods without eating can cause the body to release ketones which are made by the breakdown of fat that release an odor with each breath.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Dry mouth can cause plaque and food particles to further stick to your oral surfaces. Saliva is a natural cleanser of the mouth. Decreased saliva can alter your ability to fight cavities and may contribute to your bad breath. Many medications may contribute to dry mouth as well.

Treat Medical Conditions

Diabetes, ketosis, and acid reflux are common causes of bad breath. Please be sure to visit your physician if you have any of these conditions and persistent malodor.

Treat Tooth Decay

Untreated decay not only causes an order from the rotting or dying tooth, but also these holes can be food traps as well. Visit a dentist to find out if your cavities are contributing to your bad breath.

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