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Hearing Instruments: The Fountain Of Youth
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Hearing Instruments: The Fountain Of Youth

The qualities of youth have been prized throughout the history of western civilization. The perception of youth has always been a vision of strength, independence, and health; qualities so sought after that they prompted Spanish conquistadors to stumble upon the continents of Central and South America in their quest to find the mythical “fountain of youth”!

Since those times, we have learned that there is no actual fountain of youth to reverse the effects of aging, but modern technology has provided many tools to counteract the negative effects age has on quality of life.

Modern audiology and hearing health are great examples of technology-in-action; technology that helps stave off the negative effects of aging. For many reasons–age, genetics, exposure to loud sounds, and others–hearing loss is very common in older adults, and occurs in varying degrees. Although modern medicine can not magically restore one’s sense of hearing to its condition during youth (like the fabled “fountain of youth”), it has provided solutions that allow people to hear as well as they did in younger days.

Resistance to using hearing devices that technology offers keep older adults from the desired quality they seek so stubbornly–youthful hearing! This lifestyle is not as well masked as people with hearing loss may think it is. Each time an older person asks someone to repeat a statement just spoken clearly, the older adult is advertising his or her hearing loss and age.

On the other hand, the use of hearing devices helps to outwardly portray the desired younger appearance many older adults seek. Using these gifts of technology is a great step toward making the user appear younger! An older adult hearing effectively with the help of a hearing device appears to be more independent and healthy—he or she can function in conversation and elsewhere without assistance.

In closing, there is no way to change our society’s value of youth and independence—these ideals are part of the fabric of western culture. In addition, there is no magical spring to return older adults to the state of their youth. There are, however, solutions to getting the most possible out of your body today and for years to come, as shown through true hearing health. You just have to look at these solutions, and the results they provide from the proper perspective.

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