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Elizabeth B Halper, PhD
Psychological Testing? What's That?
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Psychological Testing? What's That?

When something is wrong, most people go to their doctor and undergo various types of testing (blood work, vital signs etc.) before their doctor diagnoses the problem and prescribes medication. But when something is psychologically wrong, it seems that a lot of people jump right into a treatment without fully understanding or identifying the problem.

The fact is that mental health treatments are effective, but like any treatment, they work best when the core underlying problems are addressed. Many psychological issues can have similar symptoms. For example, ADHD is typically diagnosed due to problems with paying attention, taking in information, remembering directions, and a tendency toward impulsivity (like interrupting others). An auditory processing problem also has these same symptoms, as does a major depressive episode. So if you or your child has been diagnosed with ADHD but in actuality are suffering from depression, a processing disorder, or another disorder, the treatment for ADHD is not going to be that helpful and may even cause additional problematic side effects.

Psychological testing provides information about all sorts of issues that include things like ADHD and learning disabilities as well as mood, personality, and character traits. When a person has a problem holding a job, staying in a relationship, or connecting to others in a meaningful way, psychological testing can provide important information for treatment and self-growth, because it allows people to bypass their own framework for processing information, the real issues can be revealed in a relatively short amount of time.

Whether you are just starting to think about psychological services or you have been trying different types of therapy and medications for some time, testing may provide you with the information you need to eliminate the guesswork and start healing. At the end of the day, whether it is a problem related to medical or mental health, most people just want to get better and move on.

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