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Gina Diaz, AuD, CCC-A
Don't Be Fooled By the Gimmicks
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Don't Be Fooled By the Gimmicks

There are 325 million people in the U.S. and of those people 35 million have hearing loss. Three out of four individuals with hearing loss do not seek amplification. Of those seeking amplification, more than 50% do not invest in hearing aids. Why is that?

The perceived value of hearing aids is viewed more as a dollar sign rather than an investment towards a better quality of life. Hearing aids should be perceived as an investment in ones self. An individual may be unaware that without hearing help they are actually limiting their opportunities to improve ones emotional, social, communicative, and economic (job opportunity) value. One of the biggest reasons for not investing in hearing aids is lack of knowledge.

Somewhere along the line hearing aids have become a commodity rather than a treatment for hearing loss. Simultaneously, the value of an audiologist has also drastically decreased. With today's economy, less expensive options can be very appealing. It would seem more convenient to purchase a product online at a discounted rate rather than going to see your doctor.

One word personalization. Fitting hearing aids is a science, but building a relationship with patients is an art. Instead of looking at the dollar amount, you as a consumer should consider the pros and cons before investing in your hearing health care plan. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Below is a list of frequently asked questions

Hearing evaluations are advertised as free, so why is my insurance billed when I see an audiologist? Hearing aid dispensers (aka Board Certified Specialist in Hearing Instrument Science, Hearing Instrument Specialist, or Hearing Care Practitioner) are not licensed to diagnose hearing loss as an Audiologist is, so they are unable to bill insurance.

How can certain providers advertise hearing aids for $399, buy one get one, and coupons for discounts, but an audiologist does not? Discount plans often times sound like the benefit you receive is equivalent to the level of technology that you need, but this is not always true. The company/individual that is able to offer low prices for hearing aids does so by limiting the selection of hearing aids and purchasing in bulk to cut costs. It's impossible to state that low cost hearing aids offer the same technology/benefits as the major manufactures provided by an audiologist.

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