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Jesse Harshbarger, BCHt, NLP
Self-Hypnosis for Hypertension
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Self-Hypnosis for Hypertension

Hypnosis gains intimate contact with the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind is the part of you that seems to run on autopilot and is different for each person. This is due to our individual life experiences and the resultant decisions and beliefs we've created. This is often why some people prefer communication by means of words, while others prefer images, or sensations and feelings.

For self-hypnosis, you will want to find a comfortable space appealing to your all of your senses. You want to be as comfortable as possible. Now, make a decision to banish all irrelevant thoughts, remove emotional surges, and to just slow down your body from head to toe. This decision making process is important in that it conveys your intent, a sort of agreement made with the unconscious mind.

Now, close your eyes, (or leave them open). Start to notice all the connections you have with your body and the space around you. Allow these external connections to enhance your experience. The more you notice, the more you will allow and permit the external connections to easily dissolve.

Your bodily awareness may shift from location to location. Every time you notice it, guide your awareness to your heart and lungs. Notice how you begin to feel your internal connections and you might notice even more substantial internal connections with each new breath.

Now, say out loud or in your thoughts, “I desire my heart to be strong, regular, and relaxed. My blood pressure becomes more and more normal with each exhale.” You can create an image in your thoughts of your heart and blood becoming more and more healthy and normal. You can imagine how it feels. Imagine the voices and sounds during your next health checkup.

Many people respond best to mental images. Oftentimes these images are an extension of our past experiences and associations. Since these images are derived from our unconscious mind, our most intimate space, these images are the most powerful and best images to symbolize the most profound results for a healthier cardiovascular system.

With hypnosis we can speak to the unconscious mind directly. With this access we can create something amazing and control the cardiac reactivity to our emotions. Becoming more aware of this connection will allow you to experience greater internal harmony, health, and a steady cardiac rhythm that is stronger and more stable and able to resist emotional impact and pressure.

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