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Loudoun Family Therapy
Courting the Pain Behind the Masks We Wear
Loudoun Family Therapy

Courting the Pain Behind the Masks We Wear

The hardest part of struggling with depression, anxiety, or relationship issues is asking for help. Instead, we create masks to hide the pain we feel to avoid acquiescing to the hurt we coddle inside.

This pain manifests itself as irritability, sadness, anger, resentment, and/or anxiety. If you're experiencing the following then perhaps it is time to allow a licensed professional to gently help you remove the mask

The Dark Mask Of Depression

The pain of depression makes it hard to get out of bed each morning. You may use makeup to mask the bags under your eyes and more lipstick to brighten your once vibrant smile. If you're experiencing the following then you may be wearing this mask

Feelings of helplessness and hopelessness

Loss of interest in activities you once enjoyed

Isolating from friends and family members

Appetite or weight changes

Sleeping too much or not enough

Anger or irritability

Loss of energy

The Debilitating Mask Of Anxiety

Wearing this mask is both painful and terrifying. Lurking in the shadows is that person or situation which sends you reeling. Then you find yourself in an office, closet or bathroom trying to talk yourself down after experiencing yet another anxiety attack. The following are hallmarks of an anxiety problem

Constant state of worry, fear, and dread

Restlessness or a feeling of being edgy


Muscle tension

Trouble falling or staying asleep

The Painful Mask Of
Relationship Turmoil

This is perhaps the most worn mask as it applies to many situations across our societal spectrum, including the above-mentioned masks. Whether you're having trouble in your marriage of 10 years or thinking of calling it quits before the wedding, wearing this mask ensures that no one knows what lurks behind the perfectly manicured lawns of your home.

We weren't made for masks. And the bravest ones are the women who let their masks fall, before they inevitably break. The bravest ones go first, wearing their gritty real on the outside-scars and all.”

-Jennifer Dukes Lee

Our masks are nothing more than carefully curated tools designed for impression management to hide the pain we fear others will see. Remove the mask and learn how to be free perfectly you. In the end, what you're hiding is the most perfect discovery of all, yourself.

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