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Kenni Walker, LPC, MS, MBA
Online Dating During a Pandemic: An Economic Theory?
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Online Dating During a Pandemic: An Economic Theory?

We are in unprecedented times. On so many levels, our worlds have changed from a micro and a macro perspective. Our primary social outlet is now online, whereas it used to be an option among other social mediums. The question is no longer whether or not you use social media, the question is which social media outlets do you use and for what purpose.

Even when it comes to dating or what I commonly call the “relationship interview process”, online dating sites have now become the primary medium for those who wish to connect with others for various reasons. We are in a situation where it is the most convenient and efficient way to meet new people. Because the online dating world is saturated, economics will tell us that what was once market equilibrium, may now be a case of oversupply.

The oversupply theory tells us that when there is too much product on the market, the price or value of that commodity decreases. A common way to fix oversupply is to discount the product. We might see this happening in the case of online dating. Because there are so many people engaged in the online dating space, there is a vast range of quality.

We are finding that some individuals are lowering their value to low-level sexual exchanges based on their blind adaptation to what they perceive to be the demand in the market. Many in the online space are engaging in quick sex exchanges with others, which may or may not be accompanied by one or two low-cost dinners. Because the quality of the dating marketplace had decreased and the quantity is in a state of oversupply, we have a situation where many are feeling that participating in this process is unavoidable if one is seeking to fulfill the innate need for human connection.

The challenge here is to reassess why you are engaging in the online dating process. The reasons for engagement are unique to each person however, the one element that most have in common is the craving and desire real human connection. We must understand that quick sex exchanges are insufficient for establishing human connection. Physical yes, but not emotional.

If we participate at a lower quality level, we will get a lower quality experience. It is better to operate from a place of abundance instead of scarcity. When we think that there is not enough men or not enough women available, we may lower our expectations as well as our own behaviors because we think there is not enough for everyone. In sports, offenses and defense don’t let each other determine how they play the game. If you want to have a higher quality experience in a saturated space, stay consistent with standards of yourself and of others. When you do this, there will be more fallouts than workouts because there are so many who will continue to operate from a place of scarcity. If you are participating in the online dating space and you can adapt to a quality mindset, you will most likely see an improvement in your experience.

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