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Knee Pain? Wear These, NOT Those
Pain and Arthritis Center, PC
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Knee Pain? Wear These, NOT Those

If you’re suffering from knee pain or arthritis this winter, your boots could be adding to your troubles.

You see, if the heel of your boot is high, it can shift your balance and alter your gait while walking. This can put extra pressure on your knees, and cause pain flare-ups.

This is common in both men’s and women’s boot designs. And even some of the so-called “low heel” boots can give you problems, for the same reasons.

So Here’s What To Look For Instead:

You want boots that provide solid support for your ankles, and good arch support for your feet… and ensure your boots have lower, stable, rubber-soled heels… as well as soles that allow you to flex your foot, and give you good traction in the snow.

Be sure to get a proper size and fit for your foot, and try the pair out by walking around the store with them before you purchase.

Bear In Mind:

If you notice your balance is shifted, and you’re having to alter the way you walk to compensate, those boots will likely cause you problems.

Additionally, if the soles are too rigid, and you can’t get good flexion with your foot, this can interfere with how you step, and quickly wreak havoc on your knees.

So, be sure to wear the proper boots this winter. This simple step can help ease any pain you might otherwise suffer.

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