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Jesse Harshbarger, BCHt, NLP
The Purpose Of Athletic Massage Explained
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The Purpose Of Athletic Massage Explained

In addition to a thorough understanding of human anatomy and physiology, the therapist must know the functions of the circulatory, skeletal, muscular, and nervous systems of the body. Athletic or sports massage refers to a method of massage especially designed to prepare an athlete for an upcoming event and to aid in the body's regenerative and restorative capacities following a rigorous workout or competition. This is achieved through specialized manipulations that stimulate circulation of the blood and lymph. Some sports massage movements are designed to break down lesions and adhesions or reduce fatigue.

Sports massage generally follows the Swedish system of massage, with variations of movements applied according to the judgment of the practitioner and the results he or she wants to achieve. Sports teams, especially those in professional baseball, football, basketball, hockey, ice skating and swimming, often retain a professionally trained massage practitioner. Athletes, dancers and others who must keep muscles strong and supple are often instructed in automassage (how to massage one's own muscles) and in basic massage on a partner.

Athletic massage is not limited to only the most highly competitive athlete. The very same techniques can be beneficial to any active individual for assessing and working on soft tissue conditions. Athletic massage can improve the ability to perform while reducing the incidence of lost time due to injury and fatigue.

Regular athletic massage may extend the athlete's career by identifying and eliminating conditions in the soft tissue that are at potential risk of injury. Massage during training, also called restorative massage, is the most beneficial form of sports massage for an athlete. If you are an exercise enthusiast and/or amateur athlete, your performance and physical health can be helped a lot through restorative and preventative massage therapy.

Massage during training increases blood and lymph circulation thereby allowing more efficient oxygen and nutrient transportation to the cells that need it most as well as more efficient removal of toxic waste from the very same cells.

Another benefit of restorative massage is the breaking down of transverse adhesions that may have resulted from previous injuries. This promotes better power, better circulation, less chance of injury, increased mobility, increased flexibility and better performance. The athlete will be able to achieve maximum effort sooner and maintain it longer with fewer, if any, detrimental effects.

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