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La Plata Physical Therapy: In-Clinic Appointments Now Available
La Plata Physical Therapy, Inc.
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La Plata Physical Therapy: In-Clinic Appointments Now Available

During this trying time of the Covid-19 pandemic, La Plata Physical Therapy, Inc., has provided physical therapy services via e-visit and telehealth exclusively since April 1, 2020 to address our patients’ physical therapy needs.

Beginning on Monday May 18, 2020 La Plata Physical Therapy, Inc., will be accepting and scheduling in-clinic physical therapy appointments to include: Initial Evaluations, Standard Treatments, Re-Assessments, Aquatic Therapy, Dry Needling, Breast Cancer Rehabilitation, Manual Therapy, Vestibular Therapy, and Pediatric Physical Therapy services.

We are taking every effort to ensure patient and staff safety for in-clinic visits by requesting all of our patients and staff to wear a mask/face covering, washing of hands prior to and following treatment, and taking body temperature readings of patients upon arrival.

With the recent expansion of our practice, we have ample space within our clinic to ensure current social distancing recommendations of maintaining at least six feet of distance between patients in the clinic. We also have numerous points of access to our clinic that we will use to facilitate effective and safe one-way traffic for our patients upon entry and exit of our clinic to minimize unnecessary exposure of persons to one another.

Our practice will continue to also provide telehealth and e-visit physical therapy services for those patients that are categorized as high-risk, and for all patients who wish to continue their physical therapy while continuing to practice social distancing.

Our Wellness Center has remained closed, however services will return at a condensed capacity beginning June 1, 2020. Attendance will be scheduled by appointment and staggered to avoid overlap. Designated days will be offered to vulnerable clients and those that require additional support. Restrictions to max capacity, alongside the previously stated safety measures will be implemented. Our staff will do our due diligence to regularly clean and disinfect equipment and encourage clients to participate.

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