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Marcus Rein, PT, DPT
Solutions For Male Pelvic Floor Dysfunction: Don’t Suffer In Silence
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Solutions For Male Pelvic Floor Dysfunction: Don’t Suffer In Silence

Men’s health physical therapy is an area of physical rehabilitation that specializes in helping men regain the function of their pelvic floor. Man or woman, if you are reading this, you have a pelvic floor.

The pelvic floor muscles are a group of muscles that attach from the pubic bone to the tailbone. These muscles help control bladder, bowel, and sexual function. When surgeries (such as a vasectomy or any procedures involving your prostate), increased tension, injuries, or poor coordination of musculature occur in this area, the pelvic floor can become dysfunctional.

The following is a list of conditions and symptoms that may occur when the pelvic floor becomes dysfunctional:

Erectile dysfunction

Pain, pressure, or discomfort that doesn’t improve despite medications and surgery

Pain, pressure, or discomfort in your low back, abdomen, pelvis, testicles, scrotum, and penis

Daytime and nighttime urinary frequency

Urine leakage associated with a strong urge to empty your bladder

Difficulty with completely emptying your bladder


Fecal urgency or leakage

Pelvic floor muscle weakness/over-activity

If you are having any of these conditions, you should see a pelvic floor physical therapy specialist.

Fast Facts About Male Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

80% of men develop an enlarged prostate (also called benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH)

Prostate cancer is the 2nd most common cancer in the United States

Both BPH and prostate cancer can lead to bladder leakage, pelvic pain, and pelvic floor dysfunction

Between 11-34% of older men have some form of urine leakage

Pelvic pain is the most common pelvic floor symptom for men under 50

Erectile dysfunction can affect men at any age

Asking for help for your pelvic floor can be challenging for many men. We want to make the rehabilitation experience as helpful as possible without the need for further surgery or medication.

During your appointment, a men’s health physical therapist will provide a thorough holistic head-to-toe evaluation to develop an individualized treatment program specific to your needs. All potential variables that could be affecting your condition will be taken into account, such as past surgeries, injuries, pain levels, stress levels, and nutrition.

Depending on your particular condition, your pelvic floor will be assessed with a variety of techniques including real-time ultrasound imaging, EMG biofeedback, motor control tests, and strength tests. From these detailed assessments, we determine which treatments would be the most beneficial to you and begin your rehabilitation protocol.

Treatment options include:

Connective tissue manual therapy

Trigger point manual therapy

Bladder and bowel training

Education on nutrition

Lifestyle modification

Electrical stimulation

Mindfulness training

Trigger point therapy

Posture correction

Functional strength training

Why continue to suffer from these uncomfortable and embarrassing conditions? A men’s health physical therapy specialist can help get you back to living and enjoying life again!

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