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Holiday Tips For Healthy Feet
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Holiday Tips For Healthy Feet

With the drop in temperature and the twinkle of Christmas lights on the main streets, it’s become quite obvious that “the summer’s passed, it’s too late to cut the grass”, to coin a lyrical phrase from Paul Westerberg. With this in mind, we begin the ritual of switching out our lighter clothes for the bulkier and warmer, but we must not forget the importance of our feet and footwear during this time of year.

Simple tips for keeping your feet healthy during the cold winter months are to remember to first, stretch your feet and ankles daily, whether you are a runner, a holiday shopper and/or holiday dancer. Stretching is important because we become less flexible in the colder months becoming more prone to stiffness and possible injury. Simple stretches or exercise to ward off cramps include pointing and curling your toes for five seconds, cupping your heel with your hand and passively rotate your ankle roughly five times slowly.

Moisturize daily with a cream based lotion avoid Vaseline which tends to just sit on the skin.

Our feet tend to sweat more with wearing winter shoes and boots so make a point to wear wool socks to help wick away moisture from the skin to keep feet warm and dry.

Massage your feet either with your hands or using a tennis ball to gently roll your foot over. This releases tension and increases blood flow to the foot.

Lastly, soak feet in warm water and Epsom salts along with elevating your feet above your heart especially after a long day on your feet holiday shopping or just taking in the sites.

In conclusion, wear sensible shoes, while it’s OK to wear the fancy high heels or dress shoes for the holiday bash, but lose the high heels for more comfortable, supportive shoe gear if the plan is to be on your feet spreading holiday cheer making sure the shoe has good support in the arch and a padded sole.

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