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Regenerative Treatments For Foot and Ankle Pain
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Regenerative Treatments For Foot and Ankle Pain

Foot and ankle pain restricts the ability to walk, participate in our favorite activities and simply get to where we want to go. Fortunately, help is available in the form of revolutionary new treatment methods that give patients back their mobility.

Foot and Ankle Pain Causes and Traditional Treatments

The most common source of foot and ankle pain includes ligament, tendon and joint injuries. An injury to the foot or ankle can disrupt normal mechanics, with one injury leading to another. The end result is pain and discomfort. Often times, the patient is experiencing symptoms of a secondary issue, not the original problem.

Finding the original source of pain involves a thorough foot examination to find weakened ligaments and/or tendons, or an injured joint. Loose ligaments allow too much motion in the foot or ankle instead of stabilizing these critical areas. A loose structure leads to pain and can be difficult to locate.

Once the source of pain is identified, one of the most common treatments for foot or ankle is simple bracing. Cortisone is another treatment option to reduce inflammation and pain. Unfortunately, these methods of treatment often mask the pain rather than healing the underlying cause.

Surgery is an option in severe cases, but it can be very invasive, potentially causing additional problems. Fortunately, new options are now available.

Treating Foot and Ankle Pain With Biological Regenerative Treatments

Biological regenerative treatments use the body's natural healing processes to create long-lasting solutions to foot and ankle pain. Now, a more advanced stem cell and platelet protocol is available Regenexx. This process uses the body's own platelets and Mesenchymal Stem Cells to significantly improve healing outcomes for foot and ankle trauma.

Regenexx Protocol Benefits

  • More Stem Cell Growth Factors to promote optimal healing.
  • Physicians track patient outcomes to adjust treatments for optimal results.
  • Stem Cell Therapy that uses the supply of the patient's own stem cells available in the body to help repair injured and degenerated tissues.
  • PRP that uses Growth Factors found in the patient's own blood to start the healing process by attracting repair cells, including critical stem cell.

How Old Is Too Old?

Even an old injury can be helped with biological regenerative treatments, such as stem cells and platelets, by stimulating the body's natural healing processes. And no patient is too old to benefit from treatment. Elderly patients, while having fewer stem cells, have increased healing receptors in their body. Regenexx treats patients in the 70s-80s with positive results.

The best part is that using biological regenerative treatments does not require weeks of painful recovery, including immobilization and crutches. A physician trained in the Regenexx protocol is one of the best ways to maximize results when treating the foot and ankle. If you or someone you love suffers from foot or ankle pain, consider using biologically based treatments, such as PRP and Stem Cells.

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