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Susan Brady, MPT
5 Reasons To Stay Lean As You Age
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5 Reasons To Stay Lean As You Age

Striving to keep our body healthy as we age can be a challenge.  One of the toughest challenges is maintaining a healthy body composition, or the percentages of lean tissue and fat mass.
Starting in our mid-forties, we begin to lose muscle mass and progressively accumulate fat mass. On average, between the ages of 40-60, a person gains about one pound of fat per year and loses a half pound of muscle.
By age 75, 50% of your muscle mass can vanish. Beyond the loss of strength that occurs with reduced muscle mass, a loss in lean tissue affects our health in many ways and even puts us at greater risk for disease.
What Is Lean Body Mass?
Lean body mass consists of bones, internal organs, muscles and water, everything in your body that’s not fat.  The loss or gain of skeletal muscle is the primary reason for change in lean body mass.  Lean body mass, lean tissue mass and muscle mass are terms that are frequently used interchangeably.
Benefits of Maintaining
Lean Body Mass
Combats Obesity:
The greater amount of lean muscle tissue you have, the more calories you burn throughout the day, decreasing the likelihood of excessive fat accumulation and obesity.
Protects against Diabetes and Insulin Resistance:
Studies have shown that higher muscle mass is associated with better insulin sensitivity and a lower risk of developing diabetes.
Helps Recovery From Illness or Disease:
Individuals with less muscle mass will have greater difficulty meeting the protein demands caused by illness.
Keeps Your Bones Strong and Healthy:
Keeping your bones strong and healthy as you age requires the maintenance of adequate muscle mass and function.
Reduces Your Risk of Falls and Fractures:
Having inadequate muscle mass can double your risk of falling and breaking a bone, such as a hip, collarbone, leg, arm, or wrist.
Do You Know Your
Lean Body Mass?
Body composition analysis breaks down your weight into muscle, fat, and body water.  Many gyms and physical therapy practices have machines that provide a quick and easy way to determine body composition. Just looking in the mirror can give you an idea of your body composition as well.
We all know that too much body fat is a serious health risk. But too little lean mass puts us at risk as well. Building lean body mass has health benefits beyond just becoming stronger and trimmer; it will also help you age vibrantly and with overall good health.

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