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Cultivating Experiences For the Experienced
Discovery Commons at Wildewood
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Cultivating Experiences For the Experienced

In the next 20 years, millions of Baby Boomers will be 80 or older, pondering their next moves. For some, the obvious next step will be some form of a senior living community, but many will be looking for options that aren’t available today. What is the industry doing to anticipate their demands and how many are embracing these changes presently?

This industry has been focused for so long on healthcare – comfort, care and security. Senior living providers are preparing to welcome a generation that prioritizes experiences more than just security, comfort and access to healthcare. The great ones are doing it already.

All people, no matter the age, want to experience a set of emotions on a regular basis. They want to feel their lives are purposeful and meaningful. They want to be useful to others… to be deeply engaged with family, friends and a larger community; to continue to grow and learn, to experience pleasure on a regular basis.

Assisted living communities, such as Discovery Commons At Wildewood in California, MD, ensure there’s always a variety of activities and events going on at their community. They take pride in thinking outside of the box when orchestrating experiences for their residents. From exercise classes and seminars, educational presentations and live entertainment, there’s never a dull moment. Throughout the year, they plan parties and charity events, whether at the community or on-the-town, in order to offer their residents multi-faceted activities and events to take part in and multiply the opportunity to meet new people. They want them to find it difficult to decide what to do next. Not because of a lack options, but because of the appeal of all of the options.

Assisted living communities offer complimentary community tours and lunch for two, so that you can get a taste of the good life.

Baby Boomers want a living experience that’s both challenging and exciting. If they leave their homes for a senior living community, they want to know they are embracing something exciting that offers new possibilities. Discovery Commons At Wildewood takes that to heart.

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