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Barbara-Jean Gill
Resolve To Make Your Home Healthier
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Resolve To Make Your Home Healthier

You know what January means – New Year’s Resolutions! We all make them but a small percentage actually keep them for more than 6-8 weeks. We resolve to eat better, exercise more, lose weight; take better care of ourselves and our families.

One area that most ignore is making our homes healthier. You are probably thinking – “how do we do that”? Well that’s a topic for another article, but for now let’s discuss information about a current study that was conducted by the American Thoracic Society. It’s called the lung study.

The lung study was an independent study conducted over 20 years, with results compiled by 28 top researchers from nine counties. Here are their findings: 1) Using national brand cleaners as little as once per week is as damaging to lungs as smoking a pack of cigarettes every day for 20 years; 2) Using national brand cleaners as little as once per week damages women’s lungs far more than damaging men’s lungs; 3) Using national brand cleaners at home is just as dangerous as being an occupational cleaner; 4) Liquid cleaners are just as dangerous for your lungs as are spray cleaners; 5) National brand cleaners that use dangerous chemicals such as ammonia, chlorine bleach and other compounds appear to be the primary culprits; 6) Women who use national brand cleaning products as little as once a week have increased rates of asthma; and 7) The lung damage done by suing national brand cleaning products gets increasingly worse over time.

This is very sobering information. This information should be shared with anyone who will listen. There are alternatives in the market place. So if your goal this coming year is to “be healthier” this is one additional area you should spend some time on – converting your home to eco-friendly products. Do your due-diligence and be an informed consumer. Your body will love you for it and so will Mother Earth.

If you want to read the entire study that was published, you can find it in the American Thoracic Society’s American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.

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