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What Are My Options To Improve My Smile?
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What Are My Options To Improve My Smile?

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that treats malocclusion, a condition in which the teeth are not correctly positioned when the mouth is closed. This results in an improper bite.

The bottom line is an orthodontist specializes in making the teeth straight.

Types of Treatment & Devices Used To Straighten Teeth

An orthodontist can carry out work that aims to achieve the following:

Closing wide gaps between the teeth

Aligning the tips of the teeth

Straightening crooked teeth

Improving speech or chewing ability

Boosting the long-term health of gums and teeth

Preventing long-term excessive wear or trauma of the teeth

Treating an improper bite

Treatment can improve the appearance of the teeth, but it can also lead to better chewing and speech function and help protect teeth from damage or decay, in some cases. To achieve these goals, the orthodontist uses a range of medical orthodontic devices to spread the palate, align crooked teeth and align teeth for jaw comfort.


Orthodontic devices can be fixed or removable. Devices are most commonly used in orthodontics. They are used when precision is important. A person can eat normally with fixed appliances, but some foods and drinks need to be avoided, such as carbonated drinks, hard candy, gum, and other sticky foods. People who participate in contact sports need to tell their orthodontist, as they may need special gum shields. Examples in straightening teeth.  Follow-up involves monthly visits to adjust or tighten the braces. Treatment may last from several months to a number of years. Both clear and colored braces are available.

Fixed-space maintainers – If a child loses a baby tooth, a space maintainer will stop the two teeth at either side of the spaces from moving into it until the adult tooth comes through. A band is fixed to one of the teeth next to the space, and a wire goes from the band to the other tooth.

•  Removable space maintainers – These are an alternative to fixed-space maintainers.

Special fixed appliances – There are cases where we need to apply additional appliances to achieve good orthodontic results.  These can help control tongue thrusting or thumb sucking. They may be uncomfortable, especially when eating, and so they are only used if necessary.  We only use these if there is no other option to achieve the results.

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