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Frank Gresham, CMTPT
Why Do You Hurt?
The Chronic Pain Center
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Why Do You Hurt?

I used to ask myself that question all the time. For over 20 years, I had terrible low back pain and migraines. I had seen numerous doctors and specialists to find out why I hurt. Once all the x-rays and tests were done, I was no closer to receiving an answer. There wasn't a clear reason as to why I hurt so much.

One day a friend recommended that I see a certified myofascial trigger point therapist. I had never heard of this kind of therapy before. As it turned out, this person was a muscle function specialist that specialized in muscle pain. They seemed well trained and were board certified, so it gave me hope.

At the initial consult I was able to understand why I hurt my sleep positions were incorrect and I ate too much sugar. I had to make some changes so that my body would respond to the therapy.

Once these changes were made, I noticed a difference in my pain before my therapy even began. I then had about four treatments spaced a few weeks apart and was amazed at my results.

In about two weeks my pain was virtually eliminated. In 2001, I started studying to find out how I could help others with their pain. I have been using this kind of therapy for the last eight years with my patients. Much of the chronic pain that we are experiencing in the USA comes from tight, shortened muscles. We need to stretch our muscles out; a tight muscle can cause pain and stiffness.

Some pain problems can be caused by the way you sleep. If you sleep in a bad position at night, you can wake up with pain or tightness. Did you know that if you sleep in the fetal position, this can cause migraines and other pains?

Sometimes you might think you're getting sinus headaches when the muscle tension can actually come from a bad pillow. Postures are very important when addressing pain problems.

There are many things that can play into someone's pain. For example, too much sugar can hyper-irritate your muscles. So, to help this, reduce the amount of sugar you consume by cutting down or eliminating sodas and sweets.

Finding the why of your pain is essential to give you a very high probability of getting you pain free. If your story sounds similar to mine, then most likely there is muscle involvement in your pain problem. Take the time to seek answers.

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