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Maureen McHugh, Feldenkrais
You Can Feel Better: The Feldenkrais Method Is There For You
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You Can Feel Better: The Feldenkrais Method Is There For You

When you want to feel better, the Feldenkrais Method® is there for you.It  is named after its founder, Moshe Feldenkrais, born in Ukraine in 1904 and died in Israel in 1984. He developed the method that is named after him, trained others to teach it, and established national organizations for ongoing representation of the method.

The purpose of the method is broad: to improve the quality of each individual’s life. The pathway to this improvement is through learning.

While other animals, such as your favorite cat or dog, arrive on the planet with most of their behavior wired in, we humans have to learn. We don’t know how to speak until we hear a language. The same is true of movement – we have to learn how to move. A herd animal is on its feet within minutes of birth, while the human baby needs at least nine months to achieve this. Since we can learn well or badly, richly or incompletely, learning is the big crossroads in human development.

The Feldenkrais Method is good for everyone, but most people who seek it are in pain. The way out of pain has seven branches to:

Cultivate self-awareness

Get better at relaxing

Improve coordination among the body parts

Better distribute effort in any action, so that the core does more work and the limbs do less

Experience that there are many ways to do something; to cultivate the sense of choice

Continually evolve as a moving human being

Be better integrated across all the levels of self and in relation to the environment

Feldenkrais practitioners who have been trained, in the US, by the Feldenkrais Guild of North America, provide individual sessions and group classes to help you participate.

People who make a commitment to training through the Feldenkrais Method often give warm reports of the benefits they have received. The example below was written in October 2018 by a woman in her mid-forties who lives in Virginia:

Steady change – finally

“Years of low level back and knee pain have finally started to abate with my practitioner’s skilled help. I was skeptical at first – but willing to try anything since nothing seemed to stick. But I am finally on a path to slow, consistent improvement. When I began Feldenkrais, nine months ago, my back pain was so bad that I wasn’t sleeping. That has gone away. Getting up and bending has gotten easier. And I’m starting to get back into activities I love – yoga and gym workouts. The best part: it is sustained.”

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