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Soheila Rostami, MD
A New Look For the Eyes
Ophthalmic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon
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A New Look For the Eyes

Have you heard about the use of fillers around the eyes to improve and maintain a youthful appearance? Many people who have wrinkles and bags under the eyes are exploring new avenues for treatment and improving appearance. These procedures are becoming more common, as many plastic and oculoplastic surgeons are performing injections of different fillers around the eyes.

The use of fillers around the eyes is currently an off-label use, however, it can be a very effective tool in improving tear trough deformities of the lower eyelids. I have found the use of Restylane to be fantastic for this area and prefer to treat using this method, and other surgeons have found this to be an effective treatment for this area as well.

The surgeon who is going to inject the lower or upper eyelids with any type of filler has to be very familiar with the anatomy and blood flow of these areas. The eyelids are very unforgiving, and any mistake is going to be very difficult or even impossible to repair.

This is why I prefer products such as Restylane, which is a hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in your body that helps provide fullness and elasticity. In the event that anything were to go wrong with a hyaluronic acid filler, it can be easily erased through the use of hyaluronidase.

As an oculoplastic specialist, I have seen a number of patients who have received filler injections for the correction of tear trough deformities with undesired complications. Some of these complications can be repaired, but others are almost impossible to repair, depending on what type of filler was selected, or if a superficial technique was used. In these situations, only time will be able to remedy the complications (such as heavy discoloration) as the product gradually wears off.

Fillers are great tools for improving the look of aging eyes. However, the type and the technique by which they are injected in this area is a key to the success of the procedure. Many of the semi-permanent or permanent products are really not designed for this area at all and should be used with extreme caution.

Another example of the use of fillers is in a medical condition called entropion, which is a lower eyelid deformity causing the eyelids to turn in toward the eyes. Entropion usually dictates surgical intervention to correct the eyelids, but now through the use of fillers, non-invasive measures can be taken. The photographs to the right show the use of Restylane in the under eyelids.

When considering the use of filler injections in the areas around your eyelids, it is always best to choose a surgeon who is properly trained in the anatomy and blood flow of the eyes. Maybe now is the time for you to consider rejuvenating the appearance of your eyes through the use of fillers.

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