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Jacqueline Griffiths, MD
Personalized Approach To Better Vision
NewView Laser Eye, Inc.
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Personalized Approach To Better Vision

Until now, your treatment was based on diagnostic technology similar to that used for the prescription of eyeglasses or contact lenses. However, with the addition of the WavePrint system by VISX, we can produce a precise and more detailed analysis of your vision and provide you with a more personalized approach to laser vision correction.

CustomVue, also known as wave-scan technology is the new standard in laser vision correction providing your personal best vision.

Wavescan technology was originally developed for use in high-powered telescopes to reduce distortions when viewing distant objects in space. This technology has now been applied to laser vision correction. Wavescan technology captures the unique imperfections in each individual’s vision providing 25 times more precise standard measurements than used for glasses or contacts.

The WavePrint system allows for a more personalized vision correction. It gives the doctor treatment options that are truly personalized to your unique vision. The system includes the WavePrint map, which reveals the way your entire optical system processes light providing a new level of diagnostic information previously unavailable. It has become the gold standard in vision measurement.

VISX has the broadest range of FDA approvals. More than 94% of the US vision correction population (21 years of age and older) are potentially eligible for CustomVue treatment. We can now treat hyperopia, myopia and astigmatism, including mixed astigmatism with CustomVue procedures.

There are two parts to the VISX WavePrint system. First, it includes a diagnostic device that maps the entire optical path of your eye. This WavePrint map, called the “fingerprint of your vision,” provides the doctor with precise and detailed information about your vision.

Secondly, the WavePrint system incorporates the STAR S4 laser from VISX, which has two exclusive features variable spot scanning and 3D ActiveTrak technology.

Variable Spot Scanning (VSS) allows for a larger treatment area, up to 7mm pupil size, allowing the physician the ability to treat more patients especially when pupil size is a consideration. Variable beam sizes from as small as 0.65 mm up to 6.5 mm are scanned over the treatment area, conserving tissue and optimizing treatment times.

3D ActiveTrak automatically and instantaneously tracks the minute movement of your eye in all three dimensions during the laser treatment. This unique feature means you no longer have to hold your eye perfectly still because the treatment is precisely centered on your eye.

CustomVue also allows you to “test drive” your potential new vision with a trial lens. Once your WavePrint map measurement is taken, the doctor can produce a trial lens under the laser. Your unique correction will be placed on the lens. Then the lens will be fitted in a trial frame for your viewing. Your doctor can help you decide if this tool is beneficial to you during the initial consultation.

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