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Nisha Patel, FNP-C
Belly Fat vs. Ordinary Fat
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Belly Fat vs. Ordinary Fat

The human body has two layers of fat. The layer just under the skin is known as subcutaneous fat, while the deeper layer is called visceral fat. A certain amount of visceral fat is needed to cushion the internal organs against damage from injuries, accidents, and bumps but too much of it settles around your middle and is called belly fat.
About Belly Fat, or Visceral Fat
Belly fat is the most dangerous because it can grow and wrap around major organs like the liver, kidneys and pancreas. Everyone has belly fat, but the problems only arise when it is in excess.
There are many causes of belly fat, but most of them are related to excessive eating of unhealthy foods, poor lifestyle habits, and a lack of exercise. Belly fat is the most difficult to get rid of, and as you slim down, it will stubbornly be the last to go.
Getting Rid of Belly Fat
Truth is, making some positive lifestyle changes and following a healthy eating plan, will be the ideal way to get rid of belly fat, as will regular exercise.
Cut out foods made from refined flour and sugar, and adjust your portion sizes
Reduce stress so you eat comfort foods full of fat and sugar
Make a healthy diet a permanent part of your life
There is no magic potion to reduce visceral fat, only hard work, discipline, and a positive mindset.
About Subcutaneous Fat
Subcutaneous fat is stored directly under the skin and is easily identifiable. This type of fat is of concern to people who care about their appearance, as subcutaneous fat is wobbly, dimpled, and unsightly. Everybody has subcutaneous fat cells, but the number of fat cells in the body is determined by your genes, and may be situated under the chin, on the thighs, around the hips, or perhaps the upper arms.
Losing Subcutaneous Fat
Subcutaneous fat, which builds up under the skin in your fat cells, is less of a health danger than visceral fat. Fortunately, this type of fat is easier to get rid of than visceral fat and responds to exercise and diet.
Here are some ways to lose subcutaneous fat
Aerobic exercises, or cardio
Exercise should be combined with eating less
Reduce your consumption of refined and processed foods and fatty meats
Always eat breakfast to get your metabolism up and running for the day
When you are accustomed to eating less, you will be able to make it a permanent lifestyle habit, and keep the fat off.

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