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John A. Mays, MSEd
Creating Real Change How To Form Positive Lifestyle Habits
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Creating Real Change How To Form Positive Lifestyle Habits

Ever wonder why some people get great results from their workouts or eating routine? What makes them different? How do they do it? Usually it's one or two simple habits.

All of us face two major choices in life and it usually pertains to what we control and what we don't. Sometimes in life, we have challenges beyond our control, yet we allow the challenges to influence the things we do have control over. When it comes to regular workouts and healthful eating, many people feel they have barriers, which prevent them from regular workouts. These can be work, schedule, desire for more time with family, long commutes, and even boredom and fatigue. Some can't be helped at all personal injuries or illness, caring for elderly parents, feeding the teenagers each evening and many more. But barriers should not stop you from implementing positive changes to secure a long and healthy life.

What is a 'fence sitter'? That is a person who only puts their foot halfway in the water, or halfway to a commitment. Well, it's the beginning of the year and time to make some positive changes in your lifestyle.

You can surely find one or two things that you do control and attack those. Make them positive healthy lifestyle habits that you always think about. Then pick two more. Before you know it, you are on your way to a new you.

It's hard to change your diet overnight, but you can form one or two new habits every month and change your life. Try these eating healthier tips

Eat half of a sandwich instead of a whole at lunch.

Replace drinking soda or sugary drinks with water or low calorie options.

Add one piece of fruit per day.

Cut back or eliminate the alcoholic drinks.

Maybe you can't workout every day, but an easy way to start is to find a buddy or co-worker and walk together at lunch. Then make sure you go out every day. If the weather's bad look for an indoor mall or other enclosed facility. After you're in the habit of going 5 days a week, carve out some time each Saturday when you take a walk. Select a time of day (maybe first thing in the morning) when you don't have conflicts or distractions and you know you can always get it done. Before you know it you'll be out walking 6 days a week. Then, find that special time for walking on Sunday.

There are indeed things that you can control in life that will make you healthier and ultimately happier. Start with only one or two things that you can control and then go to work on them. You'll soon see your world change that comes from your new lifestyle habits.

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