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John A. Mays, MSEd
Don't Make Weight Loss Resolutions
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Don't Make Weight Loss Resolutions

Each year millions of us make resolutions to exercise and lose weight. But as we know, by the end of January most have abandoned their attempts and wait until the next year to try and fail again. Exercise is touted by researchers as good for your health and your mind. Everyone knows that. So why do only an estimated 10-25% of people achieve success on their quest for a better fitness regimen?

A recent study by the International Health and Fitness Organization (IDEA) found many challenges get in the way of results when exercising. The issue of lack of time and motivation are always our likely excuses, but after working with successful people who have conquered the obstacles, many more hurdles got in the way.

The most common of these include

Putting family, friends and work first, leaving no time for you.

Lack of ready access to a dedicated work out area or gym.

Being lost or intimidated by equip ment and lack of knowledge about how to use the equipment.

Not knowing if the exercises or the intensity are right for you and your goals.

Getting frustrated with lack of results.

Loss of motivation to keep going.

Of those that are successful, it was found that 90% of them retained the services of a personal trainer for only two days a week. Making a scheduled weekly appointment and taking all the guess work out of exercise can be the key to success. We don't fix our own cars, plumbing or heating in our homes we hire a professional for everything we want to guarantee a successful outcome.

This year, don't make resolutions. Simply get help and leave the guesswork out of it. You can't afford to fail. So do what's needed to guarantee success. You are worth it.

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