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John A. Mays, MSEd
Hidden Determinants Of Success and Failure
Fitness Together

Hidden Determinants Of Success and Failure

Fitness and exercise are simply habits of the mind. These mind habits influence our physical habits and outcomes. Are your daily habits contributing to your goals or are they preventing your success?

The human mind is one of the world's most amazing and powerful computers. Yes, your brain/mind is a computer.

The computer that you use at work each day is a replica of the way the human brain works. Both the human brain and your desktop/laptop have a processor, short-term memory, and long-term memory to perform many tasks. Although today's computers may perform multiple tasks faster than the human mind, both must be programmed and monitored.

At our disposal is a remarkable brain that remembers and stores every sight, sound, thought, feeling, emotion and habit.

This can be a great thing if information is stored and used appropriately; it can be disastrous if used improperly. Are you using your brain to best benefit for your life journey?

Do the habits and routines that you stored 10-50 years ago still work for your needs and happiness today?

As a human, you can actively control only about 10% of your mind. We can only control our conscious goals and immediate perceptions. That leaves 90% of the mind's processes that you can't control. We can't consciously control our human emotions, fears, desires, memories, and habits that prevent or hinder our pursuits.

This is why even with the best intentions, changing habits and behaviors is nearly impossible for most humans without help.

If you have habits that do not lead to your goals, then your computer may need to be reprogrammed. If you want a different outcome, then your computer definitely needs to be reprogrammed.

All of your wants, desires and goals don't mean a thing if 90% of the subconscious mind is working against you and you don't even know it. So every time you get angry, sick, scared, or have doubts about losing weight or reaching a goal, you can blame it on the 90% of the mind that you can't control. It runs the show.

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