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Immune Health Boosting

Immune Health Boosting

In the midst of this virus season, the best defense you can provide yourself is to make your immune system as strong as possible. The most effective way to execute this is through natural products that are not chemical based. Many people have chemical sensitivities and are not aware of it until they experience a reaction. Natural immune support is a good recommendation to follow, especially in the very young, those with complicated health issues and the elderly. 

Within the natural line of products that one can seek, there should be an understanding of what vitamins and other natural components one should take, examples are pure vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc. Health research scientists have discovered that elderberry also provides support to the human immune system. 

For those that say “I drink orange juice daily,” those glasses of juice will not provide even half the minimum daily dose of vitamin C one needs in today’s viral world. At a minimum, 500-1000 mg should be taken daily. Also, the vitamin C taken must be checked for unrelated chemicals, which are often used as a binding component. 

When taking zinc, one has to be aware of the digestive problems that can occur if taken on an empty stomach. 

Just going to the store and buying random brands of vitamins can also be a major concern. Yes, we hear about the non-branding by FDA on supplements. However, if one must look at the science behind the natural brand product to make sure the products are bottled and manufactured in the USA. Then you have a better opportunity of getting purity in products you purchase. 

In relation to the science, look to see what medical/health journals have released articles on the product. If the product is not backed by health care MDs and/or PHDs, you should think twice before consuming that particular product. 

One recommended product is Triple Immune Boost by Shaklee. The company has several immune support products that have been backed by numerous scientists. Many people, including the elderly, have seen the change for the positive when taking these products.

In addition to vitamin C, zinc and elderberry, probiotics are also strong in supporting a healthier immune system. Again, the same warning signs for purity and effectiveness on over-the-counter probiotics need to be taken as with other natural products and vitamins.

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