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John A. Mays, MSEd
Over 40 Fitness Developing SafeRoutines
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Over 40 Fitness Developing SafeRoutines

You know, when I was 20 years old, I never thought I'd get “old” and have to change my behaviors. Well, I guess I knew that I would age, but not get “old” enough to stop training the way I was used to when I was younger.

When I was younger, I would jump right into a basketball game or other sport without even warming up. Or my idea of weight training was to slap on the heaviest weights and simply lift as hard as I possibly could. I could show up to the gym, slap on 315 pounds on the bench press and pretty much punch out some reps, cold. Boy, how things have changed.

Now, I have to be a lot wiser and cautious after a couple of injuries. Being close to 45 years of age, I simply cannot show up to the gym and lift the heaviest weights anymore. I also can't just start running or playing a sport without a thorough warm-up process.

My joints and connective tissues have suffered quite a bit as a result of my lifting style back in my early days, and there are some movements that I simply cannot do anymore.

Forget about doing the bench press; it seems the movement doesn't agree with me anymore. Barbell presses are very hard to do these days because, well, elbow tendinitis prevents me from doing certain pressing movements. I tell you, I really miss those younger days.

I've learned some pretty hard lessons over the last 20 years and I'd like to share some of these thoughts with you. I'd also like to pass on some guidance to you as you go forward with your weight training programs. I realize some of you are just starting out and looking for information about weight training programs, for fitness and building muscle, so let me share this information so that you can maintain your program through your whole life.

Developing a Safe Over 40 Weight Training Program

The first thing you need to do is check with your physician. I know, you hear this all the time but it's better to be on the side of caution before going forward with a weight training program.

Decide what you want to accomplish. As with any exercise program, you absolutely must ask yourself what is it that I want out of an exercise program? Do you simply want to lose a few pounds? Build muscle and power? Get more agile? Get into an overall better fitness shape? From here, you can decide what type of program and diet you need in order to accomplish your goals.

Whether you are experienced or just starting out, you need to make sure that you get the right guidance and instruction. Safety is key and preventing injuries can mean the difference between enjoying exercise for life, or suffering a life altering back or joint injury.

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