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Toni Greene, Owner
The COVID Weight Gain
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The COVID Weight Gain

The COVID Weight Gain

COVID-19…the year of the massive weight gain. How much weight did you gain over the last year? We’re calling it, the COVID weight gain. Eating food and snacking was a way of getting through the forced mandate to stay home during the COVID-19 outbreak. We were all forced to go into our homes and find a way to live and be comfortable in our spaces that we normally spent very little time in.

However, because we were forced to go home and forced to go into our homes, we were forced to live in our homes and because of being forced to live in our homes, we realized we did not know how.

We were never forced, to stay home before. During times of bad weather, we may have stayed in for a week or so, but we knew that we could come out eventually and things would be back to normal.

 As a result of COVID-19 we were forced to get to know ourselves, our environment, our children, our animals and even our neighbors. While coping with COVID-19 we took many different online classes to stimulate and occupy our mind and our time. We turned into different channels of communication. Cooking was one of the channels, as well as home repairs, building, spiritual channels, educational channels. We turned into all different kinds of mind stimulation so that we could stay stimulated during a time where stimulation was heightened.

COVID-19 made us aware of our habits, fears, phobias, anxiety, stress and emotions on all levels with all persons. COVID-19 taught us patience, awareness, consciousness, and acknowledgement of the self.

Some chose to stimulate their selves with the pleasure of eating, drinking, smoking, sexing, gossiping, etc. Some drank or ate a little bit too much. But now that we are aware we have since begun to watch what we eat and drink.

We can embrace the new normal. And the new normal, of course, is consciousness and awareness. Awareness of your habits, your intentions, and your thoughts. We have learned to be mindful. Take care of yourselves and in turn take care of others.

If you have not taken your shots, please do. Get the shots to keep yourself and possibly others safe and well.

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