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John A. Mays, MSEd
Visualization and Body Image
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Visualization and Body Image

Have you ever watched a child play with toys? They have the ability to use the power of their imagination to feel and create the experience that they seek. For some reason, we lose that ability as we “mature”. Imagination and visualizing success is often the most important step in long term weight loss and body image repair.

Four Tips For Losing Weight Through Mindful Visualization

You can construct in your mind any other scene you wish. You can see yourself exercising, dancing, with friends, with your husband or wife, at work, etc. See yourself moving and in action. Hear people complimenting you about your slim body, and see their admiring glances. In short, make the mental image as real as possible.

One to three times a day, just sit down calmly for several minutes in a quiet place, and imagine your body as you wish it to be. Fell what it will feel like to reach your goals.

See yourself happy with your ideal weight. Forget how you look now. You are creating a new reality. See yourself at the beach or pool wearing a swimming suit. See how gorgeous you look. Imagine yourself wearing all those tight clothing that you have always wanted to wear.

Visualize your family and friends complimenting you about how gorgeous your body looks and how slim you look now. Look at the whole scene as real, and as happening right now at the present moment, not in the future.

The way you think affects your mind, body, and soul. Visualize what you want to achieve, not what you want to avoid. Think about how you want to look, not about being overweight. Visualize your body as you want it to look, not as it looks now. Do not concern yourself too much with what to eat or not to eat, but with how you want your body to be. Persist with your efforts, and you will start feeling and seeing your desired results.

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