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Anne M. Rensberger, LICSW
Waistland Where April Is the Cruelest Month

Waistland Where April Is the Cruelest Month

Do you remember the poem by T.S. Elliott, The Wasteland, which began with “April is the Cruelest Month”? That is true in “Waistland” as well. Yes, those winter clothes that so nicely covered our excess weight will have to come off. Our waists, or lack of one, will soon become only too evident. Plus, swimsuit season is approaching and it is time to get serious.

Some of you took my New Year's challenge to lose 10% of your weight in 2012. If you moderated your food intake and increased your activity level back in January you have lost from 5-20 pounds by now. But, for those that didn't follow through on that resolutions, don't despair. By starting now you will definitely be in better shape by the 4th of July.

Six tips to a trimmer waist

1. When food shopping, only purchase items that will be eaten at a meal or a planned snack. If you find yourself considering a food item that is not a wise choice for you, think, “I'm staying on track so I'm putting it back.” When I was a waitress many years ago, the restaurant owner used to yell, “We are here to feed'em not fatten'em.” Keep that in mind while shopping.

2. Look at your serving size. Many of us are not very good at eyeballing portion sizes. Are you unwittingly pouring two cups of cereal in your bowl for breakfast? Get that measuring cup and scale out and test and readjust your serving sizes from time to time. Use a small bowl or plate rather than a large one.

3. Rethink having a “balanced” meal. Evaluate your nutritional needs for the day, rather than for each meal. You may be eating too many things at one meal, believing that each meal itself had to be balanced.

4. Learn to tolerate some hunger. You will be eating again in just a few hours, so train yourself to accept that feeling as normal.

5. If you work at a desk, get up every 15 minutes if only to stand and stretch or walk to the water fountain. Get out of your chair at every commercial.

6. Develop the mindset of an athlete in training. Athletes in training eat nutritiously and judiciously and exercise smartly and faithfully. Picture yourself as an athlete starting training camp and getting in shape. Get yourself in game shape over the next few months.

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