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Jesse Harshbarger, BCHt, NLP
A Healthy Perspective
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A Healthy Perspective

Take action on the things you can affect and make a difference. In our lives, it's never a clear cut do or don't do. So, as a general rule, just keep it simple. If “yes!” was your first instant answer to the question, “Is this going in the right direction; is this right?” and you can effectuate a change, then do it.

Also you want to avoid an extreme perspective with anything in life. It is quite natural to assume it's about you. Yes, they are talking about you. They are working hard because of you. Yes, he does that just because of you. This is your unconscious mind hard at work talking about you, to you, because of you.

Humans are selfish by nature and by design, and this is okay. When you understand this, it gets much better. Take for an example; people aren't against you, they are for themselves. Changing your perspective on this also changes your emotional charge related to this. You will feel less of an extreme or unwarranted emotion when you realize the difference between what you feel about what happened and what actually happened.

When you acknowledge your current situation, you can change it. Until you accept your current situation you cannot change it. Accepting means acknowledging. Accept that your way isn't working. Acknowledge you need help. When you do, you will find that you begin to move in the direction toward the things in life that you are aspiring to accomplish.

Look at your feet. Know where you stand right now. Look in the direction of your desire. Know how easy it is to move one foot forward. Recognize the one step that is so simple you can take it. Take a step in that direction, now.

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