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Karen McDermott, DC
Has Pain Driven You To Distraction?
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Has Pain Driven You To Distraction?

As a mother with a full time career I can fully relate to non-compliance with my ideals. Traditionally, women have been the foundation of the American family and home. Adding the responsibility of being a source of income has not decreased a woman's responsibilities at home.

Relieving pain improves cognitive function. In chiropractic care, the majority of patients present with some type of pain. An important benefit of treatment is the improvement of mental acuity, as pain levels recede.

In a chiropractic office, the typical symptom that patients persistently present is musculoskeletal in origin. However, many factors that delay healing are not directly related to the incident that initiated the condition. Life stressors, repetitive improper postural habits, chemical imbalances (ie. Thyroid, gastrointestinal) or external (ie. medication, poor diet) influence the body's rate of healing.

Life stressors must be identified and tackled first. Usually, these parts of life that are inevitiable. Time management is a key to adjusting priorities, balancing time and place and relieving many stresses. Exercise and meditation are beneficial to clear the mind and replace stress with peace.

Other factors contribute to the pain we feel. Repeated improper posture may result from brushing your teeth in the morning to the way you lie down at night. Subsequent symptoms arise slowly and seemingly out of the blue. Treatment for these symptoms is similar to that of an injury.We must first reduce the level of pain and then focus on rehabilitating the affected areas of discomfort.

Chemical imbalances can be the result of various factors, such as too much caffeine in the diet or exposure to mold.Many toxins that we encounter are minor in and of themselves, but they can result in a full blown inflammatory attack.

A chiropractor is trained to encompass all aspects of health.Through a detailed history and examination the delicate balance of our bodies, both organic and inorganic (or visceral, skeletal and mental balance) should be assessed, addressed and treated to achieve optimum overall health and well-being.

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