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Eye Allergy

Eye Allergy Millions of Americans suffer from the symptoms of eye allergies, which are common and may be very disabling. This common condition is called… Continue Reading

Childhood Asthma

Did you know that children who receive multiple antibiotics throughout the year are more likely to develop asthma? This is often called the hygiene hypothesis… Continue Reading

Feel Good Again With Allergy Shots

Allergen immunotherapy, also known as allergy shots, is a form of treatment that is aimed at decreasing sensitivity to allergens. It has been shown to… Continue Reading

Mold Allergies

Sneezing is not always the symptom of a cold. Sometimes, it is an allergic reaction to something in the air. Experts estimate that 35 million… Continue Reading

The Eyes Have It How To Keep Pollen From Making Your Eyes Itchy, Irritated, and Red

When physicians talk about seasonal allergies, they often refer to it as seasonal rhinitis, an inflammation of the nasal passages. But for many seasonal allergy… Continue Reading

Take Control Of Your Diabetes in 2008

Diabetes mellitus, also called diabetes, is a metabolic disorder characterized by high blood sugar (glucose) levels. The condition results from a defect in the bodys… Continue Reading

Choosing an Oculoplastic Surgeon

Oculoplastic surgery includes the combination of ocular (eye) and plastic surgery. Oculoplastic surgeons must have a great deal of knowledge and experience regarding all aspects… Continue Reading

Ten Percent in 2008

New Years Resolution 2003 I will go on the Grapefruit Diet until I get my weight down to 190 pounds. New Years Resolution 2004 I… Continue Reading

Red (Pink) Eye Not a Simple Irritation

All too often I see patients in my practice who complain of having a red (or pink) eye and have let it go medically untreated… Continue Reading

Your Child's Eyes -" The Importance of Eye Examinations In Children

Eye problems are surprisingly common in children. One out of every ten healthy babies will develop an eye problem by his/her first birthday. Nearly 40… Continue Reading

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