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Effective Treatment Of Low Back Pain

Here's an all-too-common situation. You develop low back pain that lasts for more than a few days and you're uncomfortable enough to go see your… Continue Reading

Athletic Performance and Dehydration

Now that we are entering the summer season there are articles popping up all over the sports news about dehydration and athletic performance. The NBA… Continue Reading

The Art Of Chiropractic

Curious how chiropractic care can be inserted into your care plan? Wondering how many visits and how frequent should they be scheduled? This is where… Continue Reading

What Is an ACL Injury?

In the knee, there are four main ligaments that hold the knee together and keep it stable. The function of the ligament is to attach… Continue Reading

The "Slipped" Disc

These rings of fibrous tissue have jelly-like centers that act like “ball bearings.” They separate each vertebra, permit the natural curves of the spine and… Continue Reading

Fibromyalgia? There Is Another Way!

“I have chronic pain that moves randomly to different areas of my body.” “I am constantly fatigued and nothing seems to help.” “The doctors have… Continue Reading

Chiropractic The Spine Is Just the Start

Typically, chiropractic is thought to be confined to the treatment of musculoskeletal symptoms related to the spine. However, residual benefits of chiropractic care are often… Continue Reading

Satisfied With Back Pain?

The prestigious medical journal Spine published an extensive study that revealed that back pain patients are more satisfied with chiropractic care than traditional healthcare. This… Continue Reading

Innovative Alternative For Unrelieved Chronic Pain

Living with constant pain can have a debilitating effect on all aspects of life, interfering with work, sleep, relationships and simple daily activities. If you… Continue Reading

Gentle, Low-Force Chiropractic

The Activator is a unique hand-held instrument that was specifically designed to give you a low-force adjustment. The Activator instrument delivers a controlled, light and… Continue Reading

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