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Copy of Understanding Lumbar Disc Herniations

Many patients with back pain, leg pain, or weakness of the lower extremity muscles are often diagnosed with a herniated disc. When a disc herniation… Continue Reading

Overcoming Back Pain

Sooner or later an amazing eight of every 10 people in the United States will suffer with back pain. So many people have found relief… Continue Reading

Do Spinal Subluxations Affect Your Health?

Does your daily diet include 800mg of Ibuprofen? Does your doctor just write a prescription whenever you complain about muscle or joint pain without ever… Continue Reading

Soft Tissue Injuries Cold Low-Level Laser Healing

People who have cervical sprains, disc herniations, frozen shoulders, sciatica and many other soft tissue injuries, seek relief in a number of ways. These problems… Continue Reading

Exercise Best Time To Start Is Now

When it comes to healthy living and extended life one of the most important factors is exercise. As Dr. Violini, one of my professors from… Continue Reading

Backache? Stop Eating the Cake

Beauty may be spine deep more than it's skin deep. How can weight loss help back pain? Many chiropractic patients that appear with low back… Continue Reading

Shovel Safe This Winter

Global warming? Not this winter. Snow has already come and we are sure to get more. With that in mind, I thought some tips on… Continue Reading

Lower Body Problems? Look To the Foot

Patients often come to my office with complaints of foot pain, leg pain, knee pain, and low back pain. Part of our evaluation includes an… Continue Reading

Low-Level Laser Therapy Helps Patients Recover From Injury and Pain

My patients regularly ask me one question more than any other lately, 'what is that laser really doing for me?' So here is the best… Continue Reading

Kids Can Have Back Problems Too

Children are active most of the time they don't sit still. Because of all of that activity, it is important to see a health care… Continue Reading

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