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Happy 2021 To the Universe

Welcome 2021. We were waiting for you. We are so happy to see, hear, and feel you. This New Year is so promising. We all… Continue Reading

What Are Some Ways to Promote Wellness?

As more of us begin to look outside of traditional Western medicine for our health and wellness, it is important that we are aware of… Continue Reading

Why Get a Massage?

A major factor in our quality of life and flexibility can be how well we take care of our often-ignored musculature. If left unattended to,… Continue Reading

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Anti-Aging

Did you know that hyperbaric oxygen therapy is one of the secret and effective ways that actors, actresses, and models use to improve and maintain… Continue Reading

Feldenkrais: Help In Standing Tall

Each of us was given, as part of our birthright, a certain height. When we stand at this height, we look good. We look like… Continue Reading

Is Stone Massage Right For You?

When you think of stone massage you may only consider it to be a relaxing treatment at a day spa. The use of heated and… Continue Reading

Got Swelling? Lymph Massage Can Help

Lymphatic massage or manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is a helpful tool in the treatment of swelling. Whether caused by disease, a muscle injury, from standing… Continue Reading

Feldenkrais Extends Youthfulness

There are ways to keep young. The main one is to keep moving. But what kind of moving? The Feldenkrais Method, named after its founder… Continue Reading

Managing Stress This Holiday Season

Stress is a natural response of the body, intended to help us overcome temporary threats or hurtles. While short-term stress can be beneficial, a lot… Continue Reading

Feed Your Mood During the Pandemic

You know that saying, “You are what you eat?” Here’s a twist to it: “Your mood is what you eat.” So go ahead, feed your… Continue Reading

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