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5 Essential Ways To Fight Inflammation

If regulated and under control, inflammation is an important component of the immune system function which is necessary for fighting pathogens and healing from injuries. … Continue Reading

Supplements to Support Your Immune System

People spend money and consume various forms of nutritional supplements everyday. Although they can be very beneficial, taking too much can cause negative effects or… Continue Reading

Feldenkrais Works Through Zoom

We need to keep moving! Being at home a lot, being indoors a lot, and your situation can be – not moving enough.  It is… Continue Reading

Effective Integrative Healthcare, Maryland Cryotherapy Patient Appreciation Party

Effective Integrative Healthcare (Crofton, Lanham, Millersville) and Maryland Cryotherapy (Crofton) are celebrating our anniversaries with all our patients, family, and friends. Where and When: Saturday,… Continue Reading

What Is A Vaginal Steam?

A vaginal steam, popularly known as a V-Steam, is an ancient Korean, African, Asian, Indian, and Mayan feminine regimen used to cleanse the vagina and… Continue Reading

Venus Freeze: Get Your Pre-Quarantine Body Back!

Venus Freeze contours the body by tightening skin and liquifying fat. It reduces sagging skin – perfect for body contouring and facial rejuvenation. Available from… Continue Reading

IV Vitamin Therapy in Millersville & Crofton, MD

Effective IV Infusion Drip Bar, IV Vitamin Therapy – Immune Boost Replenish the Body of Depleted Nutrients! Intravenous Nutrition For: Dehydration Fatigue Overweight Sick Stressed… Continue Reading

Is Your Immune System Ready For Coronavirus?

The saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” holds true still today, especially with the current pandemic of COVID-19. While there… Continue Reading

Stress and Pain Management: Could Massage Therapy Be Your Solution?

Most of us deal with stress on a daily basis. Your stress could be caused by work, family, environment, society, or a variety of other… Continue Reading

Getting To the Root Of Your Condition: What You Need To Know About Osteopathic Medicine

Osteopathic medicine was founded by Dr. Andrew Taylor Still. He was a doctor during the civil war, a time when many medical treatments were more… Continue Reading

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