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Cultivating an Inner Awareness of Movement Through the Feldenkrais Method

Taking group classes or private sessions in the Feldenkrais Method® is a way to cultivate listening to yourself. We are used to listening to what… Continue Reading

Choosing the Right Probiotic For Your Stomach Problems and Overall Health

It’s likely you’ve heard that probiotics are good for stomach health. A healthy gut full of beneficial bacteria indeed goes a long way towards overall health…. Continue Reading

Exercise: The Fountain of Youth Right In Front Of Us

Everyday millions of people take up the hunt for the magic pill that will make them stronger, faster, smarter, or younger.  In the midst of… Continue Reading

Sleep Apnea and Impaired Oral Function: How Dentistry Relates to Heart Disease, Stroke, and Diabetes

The body prioritizes for its survival, as illustrated in the CPR (cardio-pulmonary-resuscitation) sequence of airway (A), breathing (B) and circulation (C). This sequence is active… Continue Reading

Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

It is estimated by the CDC that one in three American adults have high blood pressure (HBP). This is important as having high blood pressure… Continue Reading

The Psychology Behind Losing Weight

It is estimated that over 45 million Americans will go on a diet this year. Also, Americans spend over $33 billion (that’s right, billions of dollar)… Continue Reading

February Is Heart Health Month

As curious beings, we find ourselves searching for more knowledge on various subjects.  A lot of us may consider ourselves as information and/or education junkies…. Continue Reading

The Many Benefits Of St. John’s Wort

St. Johns Wort is rich in color and history. You can identify it by its beautiful yellow flowers and its health benefits have been known… Continue Reading

Make a Plan To Get In Shape

Did you know that exercising is extremely beneficial in controlling many health conditions? Some people will go it alone and start an exercise plan that… Continue Reading

What Can Hypnosis Do For Me?

What is hypnosis and how can it help you? Let’s start with a brief explanation of where our problems begin. We basically have two minds… Continue Reading

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